• ■ Students must apply for every scholarship, loans, out-right-grant or University’s funds. The application process can   be in two ways whether through online applications (e-tabung system) or fill in the form that can be obtained    from Student Affairs & alumni department or by writing to sponsors offices.
  • ■ Student Financial Aid Unit will put the notice or advertisement from sponsors at the notice board, Student Affairs & Alumni website, colleges and faculties from time to time. Students must be alert with the notice if you want to find one best sponsors for you.

  • ■ Manage & coordinate students scholarship & educational loan with sponsor / funder.

  • ■ Source for financial funding for student education.

    ■ Manage scholarship & loan applications.

    ■ Provide consultation, advice & assistance on scholarship & educational loan for students.

    ■ Advertise & assist students on application for scholarship & loans by sponsors
  • ■ Taking care on student’s welfare for those in needs financially & physically.