Students are expected to involve themselves in a minimum of one society (department-based)


  • ■ To coordinate, monitor and giving guidance in associations and students' activity implementation.
  • ■ Nurture leadership features and sense of responsibility among students by giving encouragement to students organise project  and organize activities associations .
  • ■ Planning, coordinate, implement and monitor student development programme
  • ■ Coordinate, move, guide, check and provide guidance on application paper work,association, financial application and implementation of association activities.
  • ■ Coordinate, monitor & provide guidance for students who actively involve in club & societies internally & externally.
  • ■ Foster leadership skill, teamwork skill, ability to manage an organisation  & sense of responsibility into students through organising programs.
  • ■ Plan, coordinate, manage, organise &monitor student development programs indoor & outdoor. 
  • ■ Coordinate, control, monitor, guide, check & consult student bodies in organising from proposal, groundwork to materialisation of projects.